What Is Your Next Step?

Give us a call or send us an email. We'll take care of the rest, with patience and understanding as this time is a most difficult period. We have a team of experts who will help you honor the memories of your family and friends...

We at Fern Greaves Funeral Service are committed to providing the most efficient and courteous service to you and your family.

Funeral Services

This is one way of saying goodbye to our loved one who  has died. We are here to take you through the decisions you need to make, to ensure you arrange the best funeral that you want for your loved one.



As a family grieves the loss of a loved one, the many decisions and detailed work can become overwhelming at times. A cremation service is simple and also requires very few decisions.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is a way some families honor the memory of someone who has died. This form of remembrance takes place after the body has been buried or cremated, and these types of services can take place any time after the death, from a week to a year.

Welcome to Fern I  Greaves Funeral Services. We provide a professional and caring service, which  is available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. We are a service that offer families traditional funerals, cremations, pre-planning and memorial services to all faiths. Client information and enquiries are held in the strictest of confidence and with discretion. All elements of the funeral or memorial arrangements, are undertaken on your behalf and held in confidence.

Arranging a funeral/cremation: We promise to help you arrange a funeral with care and respect, clarity and assurance, and with as little worry or discomfort to you the family. We are here to listen, advise and guide you through your options.

  • Pre-planning: This takes the guess work out of arranging a funeral service for your loved ones. Preparing today helps your loved ones tomorrow.
  • Memorials: We can help you choose a headstone or memorial to remember your loved one or restore an existing headstone to it's original state and will advise accordingly to cemetery specifications.
  • Flowers: From a loved one or relative can be made to your requirements - crosses, wreaths, lettering, hearts, pillows or even bible arrangements. If you are unable to attend a loved one's funeral service we will take your order and convey your message to the family of the deceased.
  • After-care Services: We offer aftercare services which include registration of death certificates, registration of funeral grants and Survivor's Benefit Forms.